"Is It Really Possible To Learn How To Write High Converting Copy Quickly & Easily ... Even If You've Never Written A Word Of Copy Before..?

"Is It Really Possible To Learn How To Write High Converting Copy Quickly & Easily ... Even If You've Never Written A Word Of Copy Before..?

If you're serious about learning the secret to writing winning copy AND want to discover the exact emails I used to get clients for my copywriting services, then this will be the most important system you'll ever discover... 

If you're serious about learning the secret to writing winning copy AND want to discover the exact emails I used to get clients for my copywriting services, then this will be the most important system you'll ever discover... 

From The Desk of Tej Dosa:

Hi, I’m Tej Dosa.

A direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur.

And in just minutes, you’ll discover why this letter may contain the SECRET to writing winning promotions...

Plus, you’ll discover:

How this cold-email landed me an apprenticeship with a 8-figure Platinum Clickbank Marketer…

… and the secret system he “programmed” into my naive brain which transformed my copy from dull and mediocre to captivating and high converting... 

This system, as you’re about to see, may be the answer to turning words into dollars, consistently and without fail.

And more importantly: the only MARKETING FRAMEWORK you need to create profitable offers.

Important Notice

This system has been used by the legends of Direct Response across time, and generated huge wins. However, most copywriters, including the “experienced” ones have no clue it even exists… and rely on “creativity” to write high-converting promotions, which is a COSTLY mistake. Avoid this mistake by reading this letter carefully as the secret system revealed could show you the fastest and easiest way to write copy that pulls in BIG bucks - consistently and without luck.

I’m about to reveal a copywriting system that's proven to convert in all business models including drop-shipping, info-products, eCom and affiliate marketing.

This system brought in $34,925.18 in a SINGLE day
We used this system for a smaller client to bring in $4,682 in under 24 hours
We used this system to grow sales for a new business to $17,052 in under 30 days
Even though you may now think this sounds like a big ol’ pile of you know what, as soon as you put this secret system to use, like hundreds of copywriters have already done…

… you’ll be pleasantly amazed how much more conversions your copy starts generating, almost overnight.

How suddenly, even products in the most competitive niches suddenly become easy to sell.

How fast writer’s block vanishes.

How conversions experience a drastic growth.

How effortless and easy copywriting becomes - even if you’re a complete newbie who’s never written a word of copy before.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m going to reveal the secret system the 8-Figure Marketer “programmed” into my brain in just a second, but before I do you need to know…

...the big copywriting lie that’s keeping you from writing high converting promotions from SCRATCH.

Now, after being in the copy space for years, I’ve come to the realization that this lie may be the only difference between those making a very profitable living as a copywriter and those who are forced to return to the world of 9-to-5’s, so read this carefully.

What’s the big lie that’s keeping you from writing high-converting promotions for virtually any product or service, in any industry or business model?

The big lie is that writing high-converting promotions can only be learned with years of practice, handwriting winning sales letters, and reading book after book, and that a shortcut doesn’t exist.

As you’re about to discover in just a minute, an easy, proven, and entirely effortless shortcut does in fact exist.

Reality is…

...if you know the basics of copywriting, then you already have the unique ability to write highly-profitable promotions

But that’s not even the most exciting part.

Most exciting part is:

You can write high-converting promotions, quickly and easily without needing to hand copy sales letters or read tedious copywriting books - if you just knew how.

I know you may be thinking “yeah right!”, so let me share with you some secrets the BIG time copywriters don’t want you to know.

If you’re like most copywriters I’ve helped over the past few months, every time you’ve sat down to write a piece of copy, has probably followed a variation of this depressing process:

When you first get started, you’re full with excitement.

But quickly the excitement turns into confusion, as you’re left staring at a blank Google Doc - not knowing what to say.

Maybe you brainstorm headlines, or start writing freely with the hope that you can turn it into gold later.

And the words start coming out of you…

But as you reread, you don’t get the “this is it” feeling.

Sentences are sloppy. The copy follows no logical approach.

And you’re left pulling your hairs out, wondering if you took on too much.

So, you take a day or two off.

Give your brain a break.

And start editing.

Until the copy resembles a finished product, and is ready to be tested.

But once you test it, you’re suddenly left more confused.

Because the results?
Well, they’re not pretty.

“Is it the traffic source?”

“Or does the copy REALLY suck THAT bad?”

You think to yourself - not knowing enough to put your finger on the answer, so you go ahead and repeat the entire process.

Over and over for every promotion you write.

And sometimes, you knock it out the park.

But other days, you’re left with little-to-no results.

There’s no consistency with your copy.

No tried and true approach.

No guarantee of what you’re going to deliver.

Just a blank doc you’re left staring at each and every time, not knowing how on earth you’re going to write copy that inspires someone to purchase your product or service.

I’ve had endless conversations (over dinner and brews) with copywriters about this and we all experience the same problem. As soon as you sit down to write, it’s like the entire world pushes down on you.

It suddenly becomes frustrating to write.

Yet copywriting “experts” keep telling you, “just follow the AIDA formula” or “talk about problems your customer is facing, then showcase your solution… that’ll get him to buy!”

Or… “You need to think like a marketer.”

Frustrating, right?

Or maybe you hear… “You need to get inside your target’s head to write high-converting promotions” or “You need to research more”.

Or even worse.. to hear these dream-shattering words,

“Your copy just doesn’t convert.”

The daily struggles copywriters experience are painful.

You are faced with one problem after another.

And no matter what you do… you just can’t seem to crack the code to writing copy that converts more times than not.

I don’t know if you’re shaking your head in agreement.

But if you are, you’re definitely not alone.

Most copywriters today are trapped in these same struggles.

So… the big question you’ve probably asked yourself, while you suffer in fear that you’re not talented enough to write copy that brings in BIG bucks, or as you struggle to piece together high-converting copy, is:

“Isn’t there a better way?”

Why does writing copy have to be so difficult and frustrating?

And the mere thought of writing copy brings up doubts about self-worth, talent and motivation.

And then there’s the even bigger question…

Why do some copywriters - seem to be able to write high-converting copy with ease -- despite being in the game LESS years than you?

Low-converting copy, ineffective headlines, weak leads, little-to-no sales, are virtually non-existent problems for these copywriters.

They seem to sit down and pump out a piece of high converting copy with ease - even if they’re relatively new to the copy world.

While the rest of us clench our fists and punch the keyboard in frustration.

After landing an apprenticeship with a 8-Figure Platinum ClickBank Marketer and working directly with him for over 4+ years…

I discovered a secret system that once used, will allow you to write high-converting copy for any product and turn you into a money-making machine.

What’s the big secret system?

Okay, I’m personally not a BIG believer in secrets and insider knowledge…

But when I first heard this, I was left shocked.

And in disbelief until I personally used it to write copy that brought in record numbers in sales.

The reason why some copywriters (like the 8 figure direct response marketer I apprenticed under) manage to pump out high-converting copy with ease…

...has nothing to do with how “good” of a writer they are, how much copywriting “knowledge” they have, or even their skill level.

And it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with how many sales letters they’ve written out by hand.

After apprenticing under a 8 figure marketer, I discovered that the reason why he could write high-converting copy FASTER and EASIER than anyone else was because of one secret system.

A system not known to 95% of copywriters.

What’s the secret system?

Copy-Conception is one of the most powerful copywriting systems.

Which allows anybody, including complete newbie copywriters the special ability to write high-converting promotions with ease.

But problem is, only a small handful of copywriters know it even exists.

And if it wasn’t for the 4 years spent apprenticing under a 8-figure direct response marketer, I would have NEVER stumbled across it myself.

And would’ve continued writing low converting copy that sounded good to me, but didn’t convert with my target audience.

Sad part is that’s what you’re probably doing right now.

Good part is...

Copy-Conception is so powerful - it literally “forces” you to write high-converting promotions EASILY and QUICKLY.

In fact, I personally used it to write multiple winning promotions within months of first discovering it in the following niches: Online Marketing, Real Estate, Spirituality, Health, and Dating.

Want proof?

I’m going to share 2 of these promotions with you in just a moment!

First is a cold pitch that sold my copywriting services.

Thanks to the Copy-Conception system, I generated 6 figures with that single pitch (which took me 25 minutes to write). And I’m still making money with it to this day.

The other was for a supplement promotion that I wrote for the 8-figure *Clickbank* Marketer...

… which brought in a HUGE win (even though the supplement industry is fraught with TOUGH competition!)

But before I do, how exactly does Copy-Conception work?

What is it that makes this secret system so incredibly powerful at generating BIG results - even if you’ve never written a word of copy before?

Copy-Conception systematizes the copywriting process into 3 simple steps, which ANYONE can follow to write HIGH-CONVERTING copy.

As soon as you do, no longer are you left wondering what to write and when.

Instead, you follow each process (step-by-step) and by the time you finish, you have on your hands (or Google Doc) a promotion that is virtually guaranteed to generate BIG bucks.

Since Copy-Conception was released to the public, the number of copywriters who’ve cracked the code to writing high-converting promotions has skyrocketed.

If I included every comment and review, we’d be here for days. Documented and unsolicited testimonials of students using the 3-step system to land 4 figure clients on retainer. Yes… email after email has consisted of students going from not knowing how to write high converting copy… to learning the secret system… to using it to pump out copy that has been a HUGE hit with clients and customers! But not just that… Copy-Conception has also helped intermediate and even heavyweight Copywriters write promotions for 7 figure financial publishers. Just read their words for yourself:
Remember, the Copy-Conception system I learned directly from a 8-figure Clickbank Marketer is proven to convert for any and all business models, including Dropshipping, Info-products, Affiliate Marketing, and eCommerce.

It is considered by many to be the Holy Grail of direct response copywriting.

Is it any wonder why some copywriters are calling Copy-Conception “the greatest system for learning how to write high-converting offers”?

I don’t think so.

That’s because every day I receive messages from people who wished they learned the Copy-Conception sooner - instead of wasting money on inferior copywriting courses and resources.

But that’s not all.

Copy-Conception is also considered by many to be the most impactful and influential “copywriting” system.

So this begs the question…

If Copy-Conception is so powerful, why haven’t you heard about it? Why aren’t more copywriters using Copy-Conception to write high converting promotions with ease? Why aren’t they subjecting their copy to this simple 3-step process every time they sit down to write?

Why isn’t this SECRET system taught to every single copywriter who wants to master the art of turning words into dollars - if it is such an easy and hassle-free way of writing copy?

The answer is simple.

It is not good for business.

There’s a very good reason why the “rich and powerful marketers” are trying so hard to direct you away from using a systematic, proven, results-based copywriting system that has none of the drawbacks and limitations that most copywriting resources have.

What would happen to their yearly earnings, if a simple and streamlined system for writing copy was released to the general public?

How much more competition and profits would be squeezed away from these BIG marketers if every copywriter discovered the secret system for writing winning promotions?

Or even better, if they understood the ONLY marketing framework you need to successfully sell almost anything online.

Do you think for one second that the online marketing industry really wants that?

No. They want copywriters to continue to beat their head against the wall by reading books and hand-copying sales letters, so they can always have an *edge* over any new competition.

Revealing their secret would only lead to more competition, and where is the profit in that?

Nobody has any financial incentive to reveal “Copy-Conception” 

This doesn’t mean marketers are greedy people.

After all, there are many marketers who reveal life changing strategies and tactics.

It just means it’s strictly business, nothing personal.

You see, the name of the game is to make money.

A marketer’s incentive is to profit off you - by keeping you in the dark.

Even though your income could skyrocket if they simply taught you the exact system they personally use - not the one they teach.

So, why am I sharing it with you?

Because of one simple fact.

Which, in all honesty, may be difficult to hear:

FACT: Most copywriters do NOT make enough money with their copy to live off - let alone achieve financial freedom.

Instead of using the skill of copy to live a life of adventure and freedom, they’re forced to live inside a box. Color between the lines. Push down thoughts of adventure and trade them for safety - because they can’t use their copy skill-set to generate BIG bucks.

Have you ever asked yourself why that is?

In my humble opinion, it’s because they have no foundation to stand on.

You see, when a book or any other copywriting resource is used to master direct response copywriting, it exposes your brain to certain principles and tactics, but it does NOT, I repeat, it does NOT teach you a proven system for writing winning promotions.

Like a bandage, it covers your surface level pains.

But does nothing to address the deep rooted issues at play which are preventing you from becoming a copywriting killer.

Unfortunately THAT is why so many copywriters have no clue how to turn words into consistent dollars today.

Heck, some copywriters even tell me they’ve been “learning” and “studying” copy for years, and still don’t know how to generate consistent results!

Can you imagine how painful that is?

Investing day after day, hour after hour, and STILL not being able to crack the code to writing high-converting promotions?

This is the daily struggle of far too many copywriters.

And that’s why I want to share Copy-Conception with you.

Because truth is, the SECRET behind cracking the code to writing high-converting promotions has been and will always be a tried and trued system.

A system that is already being secretly used by the world’s richest and savviest direct-response marketers.

So how exactly Copy-Conception work?

The Copy Conception System Works Because It Follows A Specific “Psychological” Sequence Of Steps That Increase Your Ability To Convert Traffic Into Sales...

Let’s take a look at each below:

Step #1


One of the greatest myths struggling copywriters believe is high-converting copy is written.

Truth is, high-converting copy is assembled, not written.

In fact… you could have the writing skills of a 13-year-old, but if you know exactly what to assemble and how, you can easily and quickly put together a high-converting promotion.

That’s why Step #1 shows you exactly how to collect these teeeny tiiny timbits of *insight* which lead us to step #2…

Step #2


Insight without application is worthless.

So, how do you apply what you learn in Step #1 to put together the building blocks of a high copywriting promotion?


By turning dirt into gold.

Now, there are 7 key factors that go into every SINGLE winning promotion.

Most copywriters only use 2 of these.

And don’t even know the other 5 exists…

Once you discover all 7 key factors, you’ll have the foundation to your winning promotion “assembled” and ready to “put-together” which is covered in the next step…

Step #3


Say goodbye to writers block.

Or thinking about what to write.

Simply follow the step-by-step process in this last step and you’ll have the perfect headline, lead and body.

One that gets people to consume every word of your copy…

Or skim straight to the end so they can click “Add To Cart”.

As you can see… Copy-Conception breaks everything down to a science and logical process that literally ANYBODY can follow to write winning promotions.

Unfortunately, not only have these 3 steps NEVER been revealed to the general public before, but most copywriters don’t even know they exist.

Instead of following this tried and trued system…

You find copywriters “winging it”...

Writing what sounds good to them…

Working when “inspiration” strikes…

As you can see, this is a recipe for failure.

That’s why I feel a personal responsibility to expose the copy-conception system.

I’ve spent the last 4 years working hand-in-hand with a 8-figure Direct Response marketer and copywriter who has perfected the copy-conception system for his own use.

And taught me everything he knows.

Better still, I’ve used what I learned to write high converting promotions for practically everything and anything, including:
  • Supplements
  • ​Info-products
  • ​SAAS companies
  • ​Personal brands
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Copywriting services
  • ​eCom brands
  • ​Affiliates
  • ​Digital agencies
  • ​And many more!
Over the span of these 4 years, I've used this system to write 33+ high converting sales letters

Now it’s my goal to share this secret system with as many copywriters and direct response marketers as possible - because it’s one of the most powerful systems ever created.

One that holds you by the hand and shows you exactly what to write and when to sell hundreds of thousands worth of products and services…

One that engraves a scientific process for writing winning promotions into your mind…

One that systematizes copywriting…

One that includes specific step-by-step actions alongside endless examples so you can see exactly how it’s done…

And I’ve included all this (and a lot more) inside my course…

“6 Figure Promotions”

6 Figure Promotions is a direct-response course that reveals the 3-step “Copy-Conception” system (the one I “ethically” stole from a 8-figure marketer and personally use myself) for “inventing” high converting promotions from scratch.

It takes you by the hand and teaches you the exact structure that goes into writing winning promotions, plus a lot more including:

  • How to get inside your targets head quickly and easily (so you can figure out exactly what he or she will spend BIG money on!)
  • ​The #1 mistake 99% of copywriters make (and the easy fix that can DOUBLE your conversion rate!)
  • ​How to sell product to a saturated market (follow this step-by-step if you want to generate a BIG win!)
  • ​The 7 elements of a 6 figure promotion (and the step-by-step process you can follow to create each one!)
  • ​How to write irresistible leads and headlines (no more guessing or contemplating - just follow the system and you’re virtually guaranteed to “write” a winning promotion!)
  • ​… and so MUCH more, including a breakdown of the “Copy-Conception” system and exactly how you can apply it to dropshipping, affiliate marketing, personal branding, or whatever business model you’re in!

Now, 6 Figure Promotions isn’t your ordinary course. In fact, there are five reasons why copywriters love 6 Figure Promotions (and view it in a league of its own).

Reason #1

It blows the lid and gets raw, dirty and personal!

Because you know what most copywriters don’t like?

When people sell you information, but never prove to you that they actually use the information themselves.

The copy-conception system revealed inside 6 Figure Promotions?

I use it daily to sell products and services for clients and myself (my entire direct response marketing career is built on it).

And inside the course, I prove it to you.

Because not only do I walk you through step-by-step the exact system I follow to move a ton of product, but I also share the exact copy I wrote for 2 different direct response promotions:

(1) A supplement

(2) A pitch selling my copywriting services (when I first got into the game)

Both these promotions pulled in huge wins.

And copywriters are loving it because I dissect these step-by-step and show exactly how you can apply this secret system to write winning promotions of your own.

Reason #2

It’s not a course full with fluff or surface level insights.

It’s a 30,000+ word course that gives you the SECRET sauce!

Every detail…

Every insight…

Every strategy…

You need to write winning promotions, is revealed in FULL!

I have nothing to upsell you on the backend - all you need is revealed inside 6 Figure Promotions.

Reason #3

It literally is step-by-step.

Most courses say they’re step-by-step.

But leave all the “hard-work” to the consumer.

Not 6 Figure Promotions.

It exposes everything you need, plus shows you exactly how to do it.

Nothing is left out.

Writing a high-converting promotion REALLY is as simple as following the 3 steps.

Reason #4

It provides you with the marketing education of a lifetime.

The Copy-Conception system isn’t just being used to write high-converting promotions…

Truth is, it’s applicability goes way further than just copywriting.

From deciding what products to sell…

To figuring out how to launch a popular personal brand…

And more, you’ll be able to apply the Copy-Conception System to breakthrough the noise, and profit - it’s the ONLY marketing framework you’ll ever need! (I personally used it to build a personal brand with over 40k+ Twitter Followers in a very short period of time!)

Reason #5

It’s not theory or what “should” work - it’s what ACTUALLY works.

It’s a process that’s been tested for the last 4 years.

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly.

So you’re not getting what *SHOULD* work, but what’s actually working, right here, right now…

And best of all?


And will work as long as people are still buying products and services to fulfill their needs and wants.

So to prove all THIS to you and more…

I want to invite you to try 6 Figure Promotions for yourself, without paying me a single $1 - if you choose.

Because truth is:

I don’t need your money.


Unlike most online *gurus*, I make my money by applying this secret system daily.

Not by selling courses.

That’s why I give you the opportunity to get your hands on 6 Figure Promotions two ways.

Way 1) Pay me the small cost of the course

Way 2) Pay your favorite charity instead and email me a screenshot of your donation @ tejdosa[at]gmail.com

Either way, I’ll grant you FULL, unlimited access to 6 Figure Promotions.

“But if you don’t want my $, then why don’t you give away 6 Figure Promotions for FREE?”

Good question.

Here’s why:

Free information doesn’t get acted on.

Only when people pay for information do they carefully go through it and put it into action. I don’t want you to briefly skim through 6 Figure Promotions. I want you to use it to write high-converting promotions.

That’s why I need you to part with a little bit of money - either paid directly to me or to your favorite charity.

Doesn’t matter.

But what matters is once you do…

You'll receive 6 Figure Promotions and 3 BIG bonuses...

That’s right. I’m not just going to reveal the Copy-Conception system and let you fend for yourself. No, I want you to FINALLY crack the code to writing winning promotions. That’s why I’m also giving you access to 3 BIG bonuses...

Big Bonus #1:

Step-By-Step Analysis of 2 Winning Promotions I Wrote

When I say I use the Copy-Conception system daily, I mean it.

In fact, I’ve used it to sell just about anything and everything online, at scale.

To prove it to you, I’ll be revealing 2 winning promotions I wrote.

The first is a pitch selling my copywriting services…

The second is a long-form promotion selling a supplement…

As you go through these detailed examples and step-by-step analysis, you’ll see exactly how I apply the Copy-Conception system to generate BIG bucks…

… and how you can replicate my exact system YOURSELF!

Yet that’s just the beginning because I’m also going to invent a new winning promotion from scratch inside the course and show you exactly how it’s done (step-by-step).

Yes, you read that right.

Not only am I revealing 2 winning promotions inside the course…

But I’m also building a NEW one step-by-step inside the course from SCRATCH.

So all you have to do is simply follow along, do what I do, and you too may crack the code to writing winning promotions.

Does it get any easier than that?

I don’t think so.

Big Bonus #2:

100 Quick Hacks To Make Your Copy Convert (Crash Course)

Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills.

The problem?

Most people spend months studying it, but don’t get anywhere.

That’s why I’m including this CRASH COURSE.

It reveals 100 quick hacks that’ll make your copy sing and your virtual cash register ring.

Big Bonus #3:

Cheat Sheet - How To Invent Winning Promotions With One Eye Closed

Finally! I’m going to give you the exact cheat sheet I personally use to craft winning promotions.

Simply fill this out BEFORE you write a SINGLE word of copy for your next ad, sales page, email, and watch how much of a BOOST it generates conversion wise.

These 3 bonuses would cost you hundreds of dollars alone…

But you get them for FREE when you get inside 6 Figure Promotions!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

I’m also going to give you access to my new course 'Client Conversion Secrets' for 100% FREE!

What is Client Conversion Secrets?

Client Conversion Secrets is my new “Done-For-You” course which holds you by the hand and shows you in painstaking detail how to get copywriting clients…

It’s broken down into 3 parts.

Inside Part 1, I show you how to rewire your brain and plant in you the DNA of a client-generating animal. You’ll discover how to change the way you think, behave, and act in just minutes! 

Then in Part 2, you’ll uncover how to choose a profitable niche, create an irresistible offer and build out a prospecting list of buyers. 

Finally in Part 3, I hand you the exact scripts, templates, and campaigns you can use to start booking meetings and getting copy clients

Put this altogether and inside Client Conversion Secrets, you’ll discover:
  • How to build a direct response copywriting service bizness (step-by-step)
  • ​The exact scripts, templates, campaigns you can potentially use to get a new client
  • ​The one irresistible offer you can put in your PS to DOUBLE cold email response rate
  • ​How to onboard, price, and retain clients with ease
  • ​And a LOT more…
(Note: There is no other way to get your hands on Client Conversion Secrets! The only way to access it is by investing in 6 Figure Promotions!)

I’m so confident 6 Figure Promotions & Client Conversion Secrets will give you all you need to learn how to write high converting copy, plus get quality clients, I’ll even take all the risk...

My Personal Guarantee

I know for a fact that these resources will be one of the most powerful systems you ever discover that if your copy doesn’t experience a MASSIVE boost in conversions within 60 days of applying it (and/or you don’t start signing clients), then I’ll refund you every single penny - no questions asked (proof of application is required and refunds for any other reason will not be considered).

This way all the risk is on me…

And all you risk is making MORE money!

Fair enough?

You’ll discover the secret to writing winning promotions, like hundreds of copywriters have already done, plus get the exact scripts, templates and campaigns you can copy/paste to get clients…

Okay, here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting today.

  • 3-Step “Copy-Conception” System (30,000+ words)
  • Bonus #1: Step-By-Step Analysis Of 2 Winning Promotions I Wrote
  • Bonus #2: 100 Quick Hacks To Make Your Copy Convert (Crash Course)
  • ​Bonus #3: Cheat Sheet - How To Invent Winning Promotions With One Eye Closed
  • ​Live Demonstration: Building A New Promotion From Scratch
  • ​Access To My Personal Email
  • ​Complimentary Copy Critique 
  • ​Plus you're getting Client Conversion Secrets for FREE so you can steal my exact scripts, templates, and campaigns to get your first copywriting client (everything is done for you! Simply copy/paste & you’ll get clients)

For Just $497

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To Order, Simply Click The Button Above. Fill Out Your Information. Then Within 15 Minutes, You'll Receive An Email From Teachable With Your Login Instructions And Get Instant Access To 6 Figure Promotions, All 3 BIG Bonuses, Plus Client Conversion Secrets!

Time to take action is now.

Each word of copy you write could be generating you TWICE as many sales right this moment…

But because you don’t know the secret “Copy-Conception” system, you’re shooting your sales in the foot.

Put the gun down.

Pick up 6 Figure Promotions instead.

And use your newfound copywriting skill-set to reach your FULL potential.

To Order, Simply Click The Button Below. Fill Out Your Information. Then Within 15 Minutes, You'll Receive An Email From Teachable With Your Login Instructions And Get Instant Access To 6 Figure Promotions, All 3 BIG Bonuses, Plus Client Conversion Secrets!

P.S. 6 Figure Promotions will give you the system you need to quickly and completely transform your copy skills into the type that consistently generates strong conversions. You'll be amazed at just how quickly you're able to pump out high converting copy... and will start noticing the impact in your Conversion Rate (CR) immediately. Chances are this course contains EXACTLY what you need to take your direct response skill set to the next level, and I'm confident it will work for you as it has for so many other copywriters (both newbies and seasoned vets!). Don't hesitate... get this course now. You won't be disappointed.

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